Turtle Club For Kids

  • 3-4 lessons a week for 2 weeks
  • 15 Minute Lessons
  • $25 $15 per Lesson
    (Avg. total cost $200 $120)
  • Instructor-in-Training
  • Ages 2+
Apply Now!
We are looking for students to participate in specially discounted lessons!

After new instructors finish our online training, they need more hands-on experience instructing children of all levels in the water. Since the lessons are given by an instructor-in-training we do offer them at a discounted price.

These fast tracks typically run Monday through Thursday for two weeks and are a great way to fast track your child’s progress in the water. Our instructors-in-training need experience with all levels, ages, and abilities!

We’re offering these spots at an all-time low of just $15 per lesson (plus our annual student fee of $35, if that hadn’t yet been paid). An 8-lesson session would be just $120 per student! 

At SwimKids we believe that every child should learn to swim! If your child would be a good fit for this program, but you are unable to pay $15 per lesson we encourage you to apply for a scholarship here (in house) and here (through our partnership with Hope Floats).

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