Swimming Lesson Leveling
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The SwimKids Method

SwimKids’ learn-to-swim process has been organized to move your child through the safety and learning process as efficiently as possible while factoring in their individual personality and learning capacity!

As outlined in the graphic on this page, there are 10 advancement levels, 2 focus sections, and 3 lesson types.

Lesson Types

Depending on their age and abilities, your child will be given a class assignment in one of our three lesson types, based on their age and abilities.

The Parent-Tot classes usually involve swimmers from 4 to 24 months of age, in the water with one of their parents or another family member.Β Parent-TotΒ provides the opportunity for kids with little or no in-water experience to adjust to the environment, and gain skills that will be the foundation for Private lessons.

In our Private swim lessons, your little swimmer will be assigned an experienced instructor who will work with them one-on-one. Our instructor will teach your child skills and techniques that will help them become a safe, proficient swimmer and give them a sense of confidence in the pool that is matched to their competence and abilities in the water.

Once your child has mastered these skills, they will have the opportunity to continue receiving private lessons or to transition to group instruction. Group instruction will focus on stroke technique (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke, Butterfly) as well as their proficiency and stamina in performing these strokes. Private and Group lessons both provide great benefits in this learning process, and we have a number of swimmers who choose to participate in both.

Focus Sections and Advancement Levels

Our 10 advancement levels are broken into 2 focus levels. The primary focus of the first 6 levels is to make sure that your little swimmer is safe in and around the water. We do this by teaching them practical survival swimming abilities (Swim-Float-Swim).

These first 6 levels will start by introducing your child to the water and helping them learn how to hold their breath by choice. It will progress through other levels, such as:

  • Floating
  • Finding their way out of the pool
  • A basic swimming freestyle stroke
  • Turning from their back while floating to their front to swim and from their front to their back to float

The second focus section is focused on swim technique and adds competitive strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke, Butterfly) to your swimmer’s skill set with 4 advancement levels.

In order to advance in these levels, your child will need to be old enough to learn these strokes and already be proficient at Swim-Float-Swim (mentioned above). First, your child will learn the fundamentals of each stroke, then their SwimKids instructor will help them practice and improve their technique over time. Because your child will spend much more time swimming back and forth in the pool during these stages, you will notice an increase in their stamina and conditioning during this phase of their lessons!

At SwimKids, we focus on your child’s individual progress, they are special! Sign up for lessons today by clicking here.