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Kids Group Swimming Lesson in Utah

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*Seasonal Pricing based on a 4-lesson month.

More About Group Lessons

  • Once a Week
  • 30 Minute Classes
  • Ages 4+, Level +7
  • $92-$109 Per Month*
    + $35 Annual Registration
  • *Seasonal Pricing based on a 4-lesson month

Improve your child’s swimming stroke techniques in a social, fun, and competitive environment with SwimKids’ group classes!

In comparison with private lessons, these group classes are more social (for healthy competition), twice as long (to build endurance), and focus on stroke efficiency. Our technique levels advance from learning the parts of each stroke (general arm and leg movements) to the more sophisticated stroke skills (breathing, timing, gliding, and finer motor adjustments).

If your child wants to be a competitive swimmer, needs some extra help to qualify for swim teams, or just wants to hone their techniques, our group classes are an amazing option! Kids as young as 4 years old are eligible for group classes, after passing the required assessment of their swim-safety skills.

High Five Jump at SwimKids Utah

Progress Quicker & Practice More

Although we offer group settings, our group classes still keep a nice ratio of 2-4 students per instructor, so students still receive a good amount of individual attention. Group swim lessons actually help older children progress more quickly.

They learn not only from the instruction given to them, but from the coaching given to their classmates as well. We teach them to critically analyze what other swimmers are doing and incorporate the time-saving strategies they observe into their own strokes. We often overhear kids providing each other tips and pointers, allowing them to get support and assistance beyond that of their instructors. So in addition to building their skills in the water, our students can build life-long friendships with other kids who share their love of swimming! 

Looking for group classes for infants or toddlers? We provide group parent-child swimming lessons for an early introduction to water safety!

Swimmer Demonstrating Streamline Position at SwimKids Utah

Swim Team Prep

Our refined swim training curriculum reviews all 4 competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly), and covers both the swimming portions and the turning at the wall portions so that our students comply with all of the “legal” swimming rules so our swimmers know how to avoid disqualifications from swimming judges and referees.

While our individual swimming lessons help kids learn and perfect new skills, our group classes enable kids to test their skills against other competitive swimmers. We focus on maintaining a friendly environment where athletes are encouraged to provide positive feedback and support to the other swimmers.

Ready to take your child’s swimming to the next level? Increase endurance and perfect stroke technique in a fun, exciting, and positive environment by enrolling today! Check our group class availability in Holladay, Davis County, or Pleasant Grove!

Swimmer Practicing Skills Near Instructor at SwimKids Utah