Private Kids Swim Lessons in Utah

Private Lesson Options Overview

$25 / Month

Fast Track

  • 2-4 lessons a week for 2-4 weeks
  • 15 Minute Lessons
  • Ages 2+
  • $24.25 per Lesson + $35 Annual Registration
$15 / Month


  • Once a week
  • 15 Minute Lessons
  • Ages 2+
  • $97 per Month* + $35 Annual Registration
  • *Based on a 4 lesson month
$20 / Month

Punch Pass

  • 10 Drop in Lessons
  • 15 Minute Lessons
  • Ages 2+
  • $230 + $35 Annual Registration

About Private Swim Lessons

One-on-one swimming lessons are our specialty. They provide a customized tutoring experience, empowering children to learn in weeks, not years.

Every child has their unique strengths & needs, which is why we offer individual lessons. Private lessons get your child the attention and personalized instruction they need. Whether just learning the basics, or advancing a child’s existing skills to the competitive level, private swimming lessons by SwimKids provide the individual approach needed to more quickly excel.

SwimKids Utah: Focus on the Swim Ring

Great Curriculum & Great Teachers

Beginning swimmers benefit from the first part of our unique curriculum based on the swim-float-swim method. Our time-proven curriculum’s structure ensures our students have strong basic swimming skills before progressing to the more advanced techniques. Active swimmers benefit the curriculum of our higher levels where they practice new techniques and popular drills to best practice and hone each of the 4 main swimming strokes.

Our attentive, caring, and kid-focused instructors ensure your child progresses at a pace they are comfortable with. When you allow kids to set their own pace in learning, they feel more comfortable in the water. We provide a low-stress environment and focused attention that allows them to express any frustrations they may be having with their progress, and provide lots of positive reinforcement when they are doing well. We love high-fives and hand them out frequently!

Ring Toss Game at SwimKids Utah

Why SwimKids?

We’ve successfully taught over 50,000 children to swim using our unique curriculum that’s been refined over 40 years in the business. And while our curriculum is highly structured, the pacing is entirely dependent on your child’s ability and comfort level. Kids as young as 2 years old are eligible for our private swim lessons.

Our great success rate and constant refining of our methods has led to regular featurings on ABC 4, Fox 13, and KSL. With personalized skill development, proven results, and year-round access, there is no better resource for targeted swimming skill development than SwimKids! Come experience the difference!

Attentive Swim Lesson at SwimKids Utah